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Registration for 2015
2015 Regulations

I have read and understand the event regulations

Entertainment Update

As expected, the organisers have once again come up with two top bands who will feature in the main marquee on Friday and Saturday evening.
A "legend" Bob Marley band is booked for Friday whilst the popular "Groove Juice" will feature on Saturday evening. We have been asked to point out that to comply with a request from the local community and the granting of the license there will need to be a prompt 10.30pm end to the proceedings so please be prepared to start "early in the evening". The organisers are very anxious to comply with this request and Security will enforce this - please assist by returning to the campsite or your vehicle quickly and quietly.

Admission prices and update 23rd August

Admission and camping prices for the 2015 event have been set as follows;
Adult weekend ticket £25 (30 Euros) Child under 15 weekend ticket £10
Weekend Camping pass per vehicle or tent pitch £25 (30 Euros)
Adult Sunday ticket £20, children £10.
Riders please note that entries have now closed for all classes.

19th August 2015

In an exciting new era of the event, the East Anglian John Banks Group have taken over as title sponsors for 2015 and will have a big impact at the meeting, which is now just one month away. With over 40 years of trading in multi franchise car and motorcycles, the group is recognised as one of the leading Honda outlets in the UK.

Check your riding number

If you are on one of the list of riders and it does not show a riding number please e-mail with your preferred choice AFTER checking the number is available.

Ten spaces now available

June 30th
Following a meeting last evening, a further ten entries will become available in the Pre 83 125cc Class.
Anyone wanting to enter in this class, UK or foreign based, should contact the Secretary, Di Thompson by e-mail at for an application form. These spaces will become available on 10th July.

Team entries close soon

National Federations and countries are reminded that the fifteen team spaces for the event will close soon.
Teams - consisting of three or four riders should make an entry for the race very soon to avoid being disappointed.
Sonia Goggin is handling all of the team entries and she invites all to respond very soon.

March 3rd

It has been brought to the attention of the organisers that on some social media sites riders have realised that they have entered in the wrong class and have stated that they will ride a non compliant bike in the class to which they entered. This cannot happen for many reasons - one being insurance.

The organisers are currently looking at on line entries who genuinely may have made a mistake when entering as all of the one line entries are time coded to the exact second. There are about fifteen of these (out of 360) but it does take time to check each one out. The Over 50s Twinshock and Pre85 4/S classes will not be acknowledged for several days yet.

Further details will be published here.

1st March

It has been a busy weekend! All entries for the following classes have now been acknowledged with either an Acceptance / Reserve position / No place this year. Super Evo, Evo 125, Evo 250, Evo 500, Twinshock Under 50 and Pre 83 125.
The above have been sent by either e-mail or postal confirmation. (Monday post box)

The Over 50 Twinshock and Pre 85 4/S are the two classes which remain. These will take a little longer as there are a lot of entries in these classes. Please bear with us.

15th February

Our Entry Secretary is currently going through and processing all of the foreign entries (more this year) to see if any of the fifteen allocated spaces in each class may be given to UK based riders. British riders who did not purchase a single event licence at the point of entry and have not purchased a 2015 ACU License prior to today have now been identified and put to the bottom of the applications pile.

The EVO 250 and Over 50s Twinshock classes are very oversubscribed, but we are also aware that many riders chose ANY class in desperation to get registered on the on-line system. Again this will not work and if you did this (tried entering the 125cc class on a 250 or 500) we strongly suggest that you send an e-mail to request consideration for the right class. If you have already done so it has been recorded. Please e-mail

Update 8th February

No acceptances have been sent out yet. If your "friends" say they have received one, they haven't. This weekend has been spent checking and processing the postal entries. There are now a total of 465 British applications for the 360 available spaces in phase one, which means that the reserve situation will be applied. (Please read your regulations regarding how this works).
Foreign applications will be processed next and then there MAY be a few spaces left nearer to the event.
The first phase of acceptances will be announced this month!


Twenty refunds for riders who entered incorrectly or paid twice have been actioned today, (Friday 6th Feb) but the Card Company have informed us that it COULD take up to ten days to show in your accounts.

If you would like confirmation that your transaction is in this batch please e-mail preferably with the VM number.

Entry Status

Thursday 5th February.
99% of on line applications should now have received a response, including the riders whose card declined.
There are a few Worldpay cards which have yet to be authorised.
Postal entries will now be worked on and providing an e-mail address has been clearly written acknowledgment of receipt of these will be sent this weekend.
A lot of riders have tried to enter without paying for a one event Licence and have declared a valid 2015 ACU Licence, which has not yet been renewed. We suggest this is now your priority.
Foreign riders should apply direct to Di at the address shown on the website. Please DO NOT send individual entry forms to the ACU office.

Monday update

Some space please. It has become apparent that in the haste to enter yesterday some riders entered in the wrong class. We have about ten mothers who will be riding because they put their name in the entry box when paying for their sons! All of this takes time to sift through and amend so we need some time to do this please -maybe seven days.

We also realise that some automated confirmations have not gone out yet but EVERTHING is recorded in the database - please don't worry.

Foreign riders should download the entry form and send to where spaces have been reserved.
Team entries should go straight to

E Mails

If you are e-mailing Di with questions PLEASE head it with your name and class!

You will get a response as soon as possible.

On Line Entries from 9am Sunday

31st January 2015. Two choices for entering.
Some of you will have noticed that it is already possible to download entry forms for POSTAL entries. Ten spaces in each class will be reserved for this purpose.

At 9am tomorrow morning (Sunday) another orange button will be available for entering on line, but ONLY after you have read and clicked the acknowledgement of having read the Supplementary Regulations. The on line system WILL allow entries with a current 2015 ACU Licence AND for non Licence holders who purchase a single event licence at the same time. You will immediately receive an e-mail acknowledging the fact that your registration has been successfull, but this does NOT guarantee an entry.

Please note You are only permitted to enter ONE class. Riders who are selected for the Team races may also enter one of the eight non team classes.

Further updates on class availability will be posted at noon on Sunday.

30th January 2015

Potential riders who wish to ride under an ACU annual or one event licence will be able to enter on this website from 9am on Sunday 1st February. If you already have one you will need your 2015 ACU Licence handy and a credit / debit card (not American Express). Non Licence holders will have the option to purchase a single event Licence in order to enter on line as well.

Some foreign riders may experience difficulties and should e-mail a request for an entry form where spaces are specifically reserved for foreign and guest riders.

Tomorrow (Saturday) we will post details of how to download entry forms for postal entries together with Team Entry details.

20th January 2015

Below is an extract from the regulations which show the classes for the 2015 event.

Entries open on February 1st. More details to follow next week.

The classes and age of riders are
1. Twinshock Under 50 21 - 49 years old
2. Twinshock Over 50 50 – 75 years old
3. Evo 125 21– 75 years old
4 Evo 250 21 – 75 years old
5. Evo 500 21 – 75 years old
6. Pre 83 125 Class 21 – 75 years old
7. 4 Stroke Twinshock / Pre 85 21 – 75 years old
8. EVO Team Event See schedule
9. MXdN Twinshock Team Event See schedule
10. Super Evo Class Open CC. 21 – 70 years old (Machines 1990 – 1996 inclusive)

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